About the SRA

The Spirit Reservoir Association (SRA)

The Spirit Reservoir Association, Inc. (SRA) is comprised of land owners and users of the Spirit Reservoir near Tomahawk, Wisconsin.  The reservoir consists of over 1,600 acres of water with over 45 miles of picturesque shoreline.  The association strives to protect and preserve the reservoir and its ecosystem as well as enhance the recreational value for all to enjoy.

The SRA needs your support to keep our reservoir healthy.  We encourage all members to get involved!

If you believe these actions are important services and demonstrate responsible stewardship of the Spirit Reservoir, become a member and help protect this irreplaceable resource.

Why join the Spirit Reservoir Association?

If you own property on/near the Spirit Reservoir or you enjoy using this body of water for recreational purposes, we strongly recommend you join the Association.  In addition to providing an opportunity to socialize your neighbors, the Association exists to protect your rights as a user of the Spirit Reservoir.  For example, the SRA successfully lobbied to re-classify the Spirit from a fast draw-down to a steady draw-down reservoir.  This means that the Spirit will be drawn down at the same rate as the other draw down reservoirs in the area.  The stable water levels will provide better fish habitat which benefits everyone.

Some of the other activities performed by the SRA include:

  • Holds regular meetings to address issues relating to the Spirit
  • Provide a newsletter to its members informing them of current news on the Spirit
  • Stocks and protects the Spirit’s fishery and their habitat
  • Responds to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) environmental impact studies
  • Performs life cycle analysis of fish species
  • Evaluates and improves the quality of boat ramps and bank fishing areas
  • Serves as a watchdog of Wisconsin Valley Improvement’s (WVIC) operation of the dam
  • Intervenes in WVIC’s dam re-licensing proceedings
  • Relocates trapped fish during periods of reservoir draw down
  • Serves as a representative for the membership to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and FERC

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